About JoLynn

JoLynn Johnston, on-camera and voice-over talent for radio, television and corporate projects. Specializing in hosting, spokesperson and voice-over talent; She is also an experienced actress, print and runway model and tele/ear prompter proficient.

Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or a small business looking for a way to shine, JoLynn is the polished professional to help take your organization to the next level.  She can convey the image you are striving for in a comfortable and believable manner that reaches out and grabs the audience.

With her vast experience in Voice, Film and Print marketing she has the industry expertise needed to articulate a convincing and quality performance. JoLynn’s knowledge and background make her easy to work with no matter how intense the project.

“JoLynn is a pleasure to work with. She always comes to set prepared and it shows in the final product. From pages of prompted scripts to emotional dialogue she can deliver. JoLynn is not afraid of a challenge and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the project done correctly. We love working with her and our clients are always happy with her performance.”
– Bob Igoe, Director/Creative Watson’s